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JUST OUT: KINDLE and NOOK EDITIONS of Sam Vaknin's books on narcissists, psychopaths

Dear Members,

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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"The Narcissism Series" (November 2010)

SIXTEEN e-books regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with
abusive narcissists and psychopaths, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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You can also purchase some of the books comprising the Narcissism Series

I. NEW "The Narcissist and Psychopath in the Workplace"

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II. NEW!!! "Abusive Relationships WORKBOOK"

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III. NEW!!! "Toxic Relationships - Abuse and its Aftermath"

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VI. "Pathological Narcissism FAQs"

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VII. "The World of the Narcissist"

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VIII. "Excerpts from the Archives of the Narcissism List"

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IX. "Diary of a Narcissist"

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NEW! "Personality Disorders Revisited" (450 pages about the Borderline,
Narcissistic, Antisocial-Psychopathic, Histrionic, Paranoid,
Obsessive-Compulsive, Schizoid, Schizotypal, Masochistic, Sadistic,
Depressive, Negativistic-Passive-Aggressive, Dependent, and other
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Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited is now available also from the
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Free excerpts from the EIGHTH, Revised Impression of "Malignant Self-love:
Narcissism Revisited" are available as well as a NEW EDITION of the
Narcissism Book of Quotes.

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Take care there.


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Abuse, Trauma, and Torture - Their Consequences and Effects |
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Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

Buy 16 books and video lectures on 3 DVDs about narcissists, psychopaths, and abusive relationships
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