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This is old but quite a story...had to be an NP?

Saturday, August 18, 2001
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

 A longtime Las Vegas physician reached a confidential settlement Friday with a former patient who claimed the physician had defrauded her in the 1970s by twice using his own sperm to artificially inseminate her.

Florida resident Mary Craddock, now known as Mary Lee, filed her lawsuit five years ago against Dr. Quincy Fortier. Court-ordered DNA tests recently confirmed that Fortier is the father of Lee's two adult children.

The woman's case went to trial Tuesday before District Judge Lee Gates.

"Any time you can settle, it means the parties have reached an agreement that they're both happy with," said attorney John Wawerna, who represents Fortier.

Wawerna and other lawyers involved in the case said a confidentiality agreement prevents them from discussing the terms of the settlement.

Fortier, 88, followed the advice of his attorneys and declined to answer any questions before being escorted out of Gates' courtroom by one of his daughters.

Lee, 50, was not in court Friday morning when the resolution was announced. A call later made to her cell phone was answered by a man who said she did not wish to comment.

Lee began testifying Wednesday and was sobbing on the witness stand by the time the day ended. She said she had given Fortier permission to use her husband's sperm -- and no one else's -- to help her get pregnant.

Lee never faced cross-examination. A Florida psychologist testified all day Thursday about sessions he had with Lee in 1995 and earlier this year.

Although Lee's ex-husband, Charles Craddock, was waiting to testify Friday morning, no other witnesses were called before the settlement was announced. The couple divorced in 1983.

Charles Craddock signed an affidavit in December 1996 that called his ex-wife's allegations against Fortier "utterly absurd."

According to the document, Fortier never told the couple that Charles Craddock's sperm would be the only sperm used in the artificial insemination -- a procedure medical professionals now prefer to call intrauterine insemination.

Outside the Clark County Courthouse on Friday, Charles Craddock would not say whether Fortier had specifically informed the couple that he planned to use his own sperm for the procedure.

"We wanted those children. We were fully aware of all the situations concerning having the children," he said. "I accepted the responsibility of those being my children. I provided for them. They are my children. They always have been my children. They always will be my children."

He declined to answer any questions about the case.

The couple's daughter, Heather Craddock, was born in 1975. Their son, Cameron Craddock, was born in 1977.

Lee testified that her daughter called her in 1994 to tell her that Fortier was claiming to be her biological father. Lee said she first reacted to her daughter's news with disbelief, then anger.

Her lawsuit accused Fortier of making fraudulent misrepresentations and of intentionally causing her to suffer severe emotional distress.

Heather Craddock has a related lawsuit pending against Fortier. The doctor also is defending a lawsuit filed by one of his sons, Quincy Fortier Jr., who claims his father sexually molested him during his childhood.

The elder Fortier has filed a counterclaim against his son. In it, he accuses his son of extortion and of making disparaging statements that have placed him in a false light.

The elder Fortier has been licensed to practice medicine in Nevada since 1945. In 1991, the Nevada State Medical Association presented him with the Nevada Physician of the Year award.

In an interview shortly after receiving the award, he told a Las Vegas Sun reporter that he had begun his medical career at the age of 11 on a Massachusetts farm, where he became fascinated with infertile cows.

"They were my first patients," he said.

The doctor later co-founded Womens Hospital in Las Vegas, which closed in 1994, and helped develop Faith Lutheran High School.

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Re: This is old but quite a story...had to be an NP?

Wow Bezsenny, that really freaks me out. Definitely a P in my estimation!

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it"
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