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Woman of Dark Reflections


Behold, she is a vampire in her own right
So cunning and charming, she will capture your sight

She will tell you that she loves you and adores you
But deep within even she knows, that isn't true

Empty alone as a succubus she shall seek
The thing within you that will make you become weak

Slowly, surely the draining of you she shall do
You may stand back and wonder what happened to you

Knowing something is wrong, yet you cannot escape
The web of lies and ties that bond you to her fate

Until you are empty and utterly forlorn
Yet still enthralled to this commitment you have sworn

Unable to part ways until you are cast away
Then left behind so she can find another prey...

©2010 W.Franklin
May/31/2010, 1:47 pm Link to this post  

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