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Re: Repost: Splitting: When the N's Black & White World Becomes Ours

Thank you for bumping this post [sign in to see URL] am 13 weeks NC and I am [sign in to see URL] and with my [sign in to see URL] just dont feel myself at [sign in to see URL] know I am still thinking just like he is [sign in to see URL] of the rubbish thinking he has dumped on me over the years is hard to get rid of...
I will re read what Lyn has written and see if I can make sense of it in relation to me...
Every week I feel as if I am going through a new phase of recovery and the pain does not seem to go [sign in to see URL] tell me I look better, seem more like mey 'old self'...but I feel damaged and broken...
I go to a relationship recovery workshop, I read everything I can find on N. Healing etc. I am trying to sort out my foo [sign in to see URL] well as get on with [sign in to see URL] am trying to be kind on myself [sign in to see URL] just want to get over [sign in to see URL] like this [sign in to see URL] x

''Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed ''

Dale Carnegie
Mar/24/2012, 5:29 am Link to this post  
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