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Narcissist and Psychopathic Bullies in the Workplace (HealthyPlace Mental Health Newsletter)

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"Narcissist and Psychopathic Bullies in the Workplace" on HealthyPlace TV
A workplace bully, whether it's a co-worker or your boss, can make your work life miserable. The real tyrants, says Sam Vaknin, may be either narcissists or psychopaths. Mr. Vaknin is the author of "Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited." How to identity these workplace bullies and what can you do about them is the subject of this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. (TV Show blog)

Coming in January on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show
Alcohol Addiction: Relapse Recovery
Compulsive Skin Picking
Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
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For all previous HealthyPlace Mental Health TV archived shows.

How to Save Your Marriage
Many relationship problems, says relationship expert, Steven Stosny Phd., focus on expecting your partner to meet your needs. Dr. Stosny says you don't have the right to expect that. Listen to this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.



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From HealthyPlace Mental Health Blogs
Your comments and observations are welcomed.

Holiday Survival Tips: The Out-of-Town Bipolar (Breaking Bipolar Blog)
Top 10 Reasons Mental Health Suffers at Christmas (Treating Anxiety Blog)
Life Without Bob (Life with Bob: A Parenting Blog)
Don't Stop Talking about Mental Illness (Dissociative Living blog)
The Comfort of Family Traditions (The Unlocked Life Blog)
Eating Disorders: Hope When Recovery Seems Impossible (Surviving ED Blog)
Borderline Personality Disorder Patients: The Pit Bulls of Mental Health (More Than Borderline blog)
How to Achieve Relaxation Through Visualization (Work and Bipolar or Depression blog)
Suicide and Mental Health: They're Cooking the Books
Making Peace with a Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis
People Are Going to Disagree With Your Bipolar Treatment Plan
Parents Not Always the Enemy
Keeping Your Spirits Up During Winter
The Sunshine Makers: Can You Be Too Happy?
Feel free to share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of any blog post. And visit the mental health blogs homepage for the latest posts.

Latest Mental Health News
These stories and more are featured on our mental health news page:

Serious Mental Health Needs Seen Growing at Colleges
Early Alzheimer’s Detection, but When to Tell the Patient?
The Perfectionist's Checklist
Slaves of Success
Autism And Traffic Pollution Link Found
Psychological Disability Presents Early in Affective Disorders
Quality of Life Scale Devised Specifically for Bipolar Disorder
Social Anxiety and Psychotic Disorders
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Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

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