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Narcissists HATE the HOLIDAY SEASON!

Click on this link to play the video:

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Narcissist Hates Happy People
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samvaknin | October 07, 2010 | 15 likes, 0 dislikes
"Holiday blues are a common occurrence even among the mentally sound. In me they provoke a particularly virulent strain of pathological envy. I am jealous at others for having a family, or for being able to celebrate lavishly, or for being in the right, festive mood. My cognitive dissonances crumble. I keep telling myself: "Look at those inferior imitations of humans, slaves of their animated corpses, wasting their time, pretending to be happy". Yet, deep inside, I know that I am the defective one. I realize that my inability to rejoice is a protracted and unusual punishment meted out to me by my very self. I am sad and enraged. I want to spoil it for those who can. I want them to share my misery, to reduce them to my level of emotional abstinence and absence. I hate humans because I am unable to be one."

(From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase: [sign in to see URL]

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obviously narcs just need a !@#$ hug!!!!!

DropDeadCouture 1 week ago
DropDeadCouture 1 week ago
Unfortunately came across a really beautiful girl who was a Narc a while back. It is a shame, you want to help these people but you know that you can't because they think your the deluded one.

qwerly45 3 weeks ago
qwerly45 3 weeks ago
hello Sam, I have been in touch with you a few times, thanks for your help.

This video if fantastic. At Christmas my ex Narc would put on a woollen hat, attach a head torch, draw the curtains in our bedroom and speak to noone, furious, and compulsively read SAS books. I said his autobiography should be entitled "Born Behind Enemy Lines".

His birthday was, by contrast, a huge whirlwind of narcissistic supply, after which he would deflate like a balloon.

gurunamashevaya 4 weeks ago
gurunamashevaya 4 weeks ago
Dont they thrive off of happy people.

Like Leeches. Okay.. Learn good things from them.

halkiphulkiben 1 month ago
halkiphulkiben 1 month ago
Sam why is it that sociopaths/narcissists have piercing/dead eyes? Wouldn't that run deeper than a personality disorder?

vipmousasi 1 month ago
vipmousasi 1 month ago
@vipmousasi I am not Sam of course but allow me to give you a theory, okay? You know that adage that "the eyes are the window of the soul"? The piercing dead eyes are a reflection of a spirit that is devoid of "light". There's no happiness, peace, etc.

TheAmbassador11 1 month ago
TheAmbassador11 1 month ago
I’m very surprised you got to the conclusion of birthdays & Solstice days, and so on, you see, I didn’t think you would get that one? You really know what you are on about! I feel mostly hatred towards my celebrations or reunions, but I always tried canalizing it into a metaphorical stage of catharsis.

it’s however the Nostalgic points and status which comes into my domain when reminded through these days!

rustedme 1 month ago
rustedme 1 month ago
Vote him up like me. He knows what his talking about.

rustedme 1 month ago 2
rustedme 1 month ago 2
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By the way, are you talking about Jews in general?

TheoStuss 2 months ago
TheoStuss 2 months ago
WOW! That is an amazing explanation of holiday behavior!

forestfireflybd 2 months ago
forestfireflybd 2 months ago
I have encountered people like this; in fact, I think my sister-in-law may be a narcissist. One of the bizarre things is that she never wants to celebrate her birthday. She actually walked out of a birthday celebration that my mom tried to have for her one year. Thank you for sharing this.

Luv4Learning 2 months ago
Luv4Learning 2 months ago

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