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Where am I?

My world feels so chaotic, everyday I cry.
I'm wondering how much more I can take before I shatter and die?
I try to hold my head up high, but my back just breaks into.
I try and set the example of being brave and strong, but being fake I just cannot do.
In my head are too many emotions, scrambled, burned and bruised.
In my heart are too many feelings, battered and abused.
I am desperately looking for someone who could possibly understand.
If I run to you will you be the one to hold out your hand?
Everyone tried to tell me, I was too blind to see.
Eventually I learned the one being deceived was indeed me.
What a magnificent mask, one you wore quite well.
Once you took it off and revealed yourself, I was living in your demented hell.
You have taken my hope, destroyed my faith.
I feel so helpless, used, misunderstood and misplaced.
I want a better life, this I do deserve.
I want to be me again, who I have become is absurd.

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