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From Darkness To Light

         From Darkness To Light

My world was in darkness.
And into that you came
With your handsome, friendly smile
Your charm, your promises.
I created dreams around you
Of happy home and love eternal.
You became my dream-come-true.

I glimpsed your true nature later
Your aggression, rage, disorder, chaos
And blaming me for it all.
My world was in darkness.
You became my nightmare.

I faced the reality of you.
Shattering my dreams,
You brought destruction and distress.
I limped away from you.

Now I'm walking upright, running even.
Free and healthy and prepared
For all the beauty imaginable.
I'm creating dreams of happiness eternal.
My world is in light.


20 August 2011

Aug/20/2011, 11:06 am Link to this post  

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