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alone and dreaming

You took my breath away
When you looked at me that way
I wanted to be in your arms
Because you seduced me with your charm
I never though there would be another
Because you were the world
I couldn’t see the danger
When you twisted my words
I only saw what was reflected
In your empty eyes
And my world ended
I dreamed of you and me
I remembered how we were together
And you held me in the night
I dreamed of you
And how you said that I was your girl
I was consumed by your fire
I though I could trust you
But the man that I loved
Was only in love with himself
And I had only myself to blame
How can I forget you name
When we dreamed together under the stars
Walking hand in hand on that starry night
When I believed that we would be alright
But love instead turned into hate
And I couldn’t wait not to see you
Because you were a tiger
That ripped my soul to shreds
And I can’t get you out of my head
I still dream of you in the darkness
With your whispers and your lies
I was seduced by the look in your eyes
I remember how you held me close
And we dreamed the nights away
But it was an illusion
And the truth was just a breath away
I didn’t want to lose you
But you broke my heart
And left me in the darkness
Alone and dreaming of you

Nov/28/2011, 9:14 pm Link to this post  
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Re: alone and dreaming

mmm...that was a good one. i really despise the abusers today. emoticon
Nov/30/2011, 8:55 am Link to this post  

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