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The Shadow and the Fly

The Shadow and The Fly

A long time ago, shattered, abandonned
All feelings in you fled to the stronghold
Yet by frighteningly wonderful counterfeit
You learned to draw near, to play a sad game
with the feelings of others
Blindly again and again and again
All that are close or that let you in
Are shattered in turn

We the other, in no sense other
Do we exist and must not
Save to feed the false self constructed
That masks your shaming fear of no worth
Ah, but no wonder you flee not death
That self, the innocent one, was buried
Already a long broken time ago
Becoming a poor darkest shadow instead

One day we wake from the dream to the nightmare
See the tragic farce clearly before us
Which you face not nor have courage to know
Nor the playwrite that wrote it
In dear exchange for a self authentic

The shame, the great pity shame of it all
Is that when you go you will not have known love
Only how to give pain, your own, to us
The flies, the unvigilant flies that come
Each one and another another another
To have our wings removed by a shadow
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