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What Does It Feel Like to Be a Narcissist?

Strolling in the boneyard of my life:

bleached dreams,

mementoed ossuary of my insights.

On flaking fenceposts, impaled the child that I had been.

Peering from desiccated sockets, the Plague that’s me:

dust-irrigated, arid tombstones,

a being eclipsed.

The Toxic
waste of bottled anger
Life belly up.
The reeds.
The wind is hissing
a river holds
its vapour breath
and leaves black lips
of tar and fish
a bloated shore.

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Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

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Re: What Does It Feel Like to Be a Narcissist?

And slowly i turned. Wanting to open my eyes but to afraid of what i'll see. I feel the fear, it's gaining on me. In hot pursuit yet i dare not look behind me. The mockery fills my ears while the threat of capture follows me close. I flee but where am i running too? There is no safe place i only know to get away. The hatred stalks me, It panics me, I cannot be still. If i stop it will catch me, consume me force me to look in its face. And what will i see there? The ultimate game of hide and seek. Hunted by the enemy that is me. How do i outwit myself?

You can't buy class
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