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LISTEN ONLINE Post-trumatic Macedonia

Subjected to self-appointed, contemptuous, rapacious, and power-crazed
"elites" and to constant abuse from neighbors and the international
community, Macedonians are traumatized. They react as victims with C-PTSD
do: a fractured sense of self-identity, avoidant withdrawal, phobic attitude
to the new and the unknown, aggression and hostility, compensatory
megalomania (narcissism), paranoid ideation, and hypervigilance. The
Macedonian collective is in the throes of clinical depression owing to
alienation, atomization, the disintegration of age-old institutions and the
social fabric, disorientation, dislocation, and a general state of anomie.

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Narcissistic Collectives: Narcissism, Society, and Culture

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Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

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