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[marketingminute] Positivity Wins

           The Marketing Minute
      by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor
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The next time you're tempted to post something snarky on
social media, pause before you hit "submit."

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According to researchers at the University of Southern
California who analyzed more than 19 million tweets in
English from September 2014, negative content spread faster
than positive content, but positive comments got shared more
and in the long run reached more people.

Snide, sarcastic or scornful commentary indicates that you
regard yourself as superior. It's tempting to use social
media to sound off and criticize, but when you repeatedly do
so in connection with your business identity, consider:
Do you want prospective clients to feel you're a fount of

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A revealing and sometimes unsettling exercise is to examine
a random selection of 20 tweets of yours or 10 blog posts
as if they were written by someone you didn't know. Based
only on those messages, what kind of personality, mood and
attitudes come across?

If your social media audit doesn't measure up to the
thoughtful or friendly or compassionate image you'd prefer,
it may be time to change what you post about and in what

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