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Gender Identity and Gender Variance (Report of the APA Task Force)

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In recent years, transgender people have increasingly been willing to
identify themselves openly. Public awareness of transgender issues has
increased dramatically, in part because of an increasing number of books,
motion pictures and television programs featuring transgender characters and
addressing transgender issues. As a result, not only transgender people
themselves but also their families and friends, employers, schools and
government agencies are increasingly turning to psychologists for help in
addressing these issues on individual and community levels. At the same
time, changes in service delivery systems related to transgender issues have
resulted in transsexuals and other people with gender identity concerns more
frequently turning to community mental health professionals for assessment
and treatment.

Consequently, it has become increasingly likely that psychologists will
encounter people needing assistance with gender identity concerns. This
trend underscores the need for psychologists to acquire greater knowledge
and competence in addressing transgender issues.

In February 2005, the Council of Representatives of the American
Psychological Association (APA) authorized the appointment of a Task Force
on Gender Identity and Gender Variance. The task force was charged with the

    Review extant APA policies regarding these issues and affected
populations and recommend any indicated changes.

    Develop recommendations for education, training, and further research
into these topics.

    Propose how APA can best meet the needs of psychologists and students
who identify as transgender or gender variant.

    Recommend appropriate collaboration with other professional
organizations concerning these issues.

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