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[marketingminute] Thoughts on "Haters"

Also read: Transformations of Aggression - click on this link:
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          by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor
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"Forget the haters" is advice we often see online, given to
someone who is upset about being disparaged or criticized.

The term "haters" conjures up jealous, bitter people
determined to make others as miserable as they feel
themselves. Talking about these demons may help us feel
better, but they may also blind us to a few other

Maybe some "haters" have a valid point, as when reviewers
complain that someone's fifth self-published book shows the
same poor proofreading and faulty grammar as the previous

Maybe the "haters" are taking issue with something hurtful
you said or did. They may come from a different religion,
political philosophy, ethnicity or social class that you
unintentionally (and perhaps unnecessarily) offended.

Maybe some "haters" are worked up over something where you
can agree to disagree with them.

By simply sweeping them away in your mind, you might be
missing an opportunity to learn something. See if you can
subtract the element of attack from their criticism. Then
ask yourself whether there's the tiniest kernel of validity
in what they're saying. If not, go ahead and dismiss them.


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