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SCIENCEDIRECT Personality Disorders in Old Age

To Age with Grace - The Narcissist as an Old Person

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The Mid-Life Narcissist

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Handbook of Mental Health and Aging (Second Edition) ([sign in to see URL])
1992, Pages 433–462

Personality Disorders in Old Age
Joel Sadavoy,
Barry Fogel
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Publisher Summary
The study of personality disorder (PD) is fraught with imprecision and plagued by an absence of data. This is true across all age categories but is especially evident in the old-age cohort.. The definition of personality and its disorders depends on the demonstration of enduring characteristics throughout adult life. The data on the stability of personality traits strongly favor a concept that underlying reactions to the environment, motivations, and self-perceptions remain relatively unvarying throughout most or all of adult life. The chapter provides an overview of epidemiology of PD in old age, evolution of PD symptoms with age, symptom expression in the elderly, and residual and emergent PDs. The study of PD and related disorders in old age offers an important opportunity to investigate their lifelong outcome. However, clearly the methodology will suffer from the restrictions of retrospective data, cohort effects, and the confounders posed by the multiple illnesses and stressors that are the norm in late life. Research into this aspect of psychiatric disorder, therefore, will require imaginative research strategies and the use of longitudinal prospective studies, which extend from younger years into old age.

Copyright © 1992 ACADEMIC PRESS, INC. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

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