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Inverted Narcissists are Resentful, Envious, Frustrating, Passive-aggressive

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Criterion EIGHT

Envies others. Cannot conceive of being envied and becomes extremely agitated and uncomfortable if even brought into a situation where comparison might occur. Loathes competition and avoids competition at all costs, if there is any chance of actually winning the competition, or being singled out.

One must never forget that the IN is a narcissist. Like all types of narcissists, she resents her abandonment anxiety and dependence on her exclusive source of narcissistic supply: the classic (overt) narcissist she is with. But she is also envious of his accomplishments, time in the limelight, and the attention and adulation he garners. Her envy is pathological and destructive. Even as she basks in the reflected glory of her intimate partner, she seeks to undermine, frustrate, and punish him and to “reduce him to size”, often passive-aggressively (sex withdrawal, silent treatment, procrastination, and dereliction of duties being common strategies). It is a push-pull macabre dance, an approach-avoidance choreography that is fed also by her dread and abhorrence of true intimacy.

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