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Narcissists are not normal

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Letters to Editor Mar. 1

Published Feb 28, 2017 at 07:55PM

May Be a Narcissist if ...

Political anglers — “Narcissists are not normal.”

They don’t think like we do. They don’t speak normally either. Most of what they say is meant to confuse us, throw us off and manipulate us. They use backward — talk, projection, martyrdom and almost always provoke us to respond in a manner they can then use against us. They are brilliant manipulators.” Lisa E. Scott, The Path Forward. Below, please check all that apply.

You may be a narcissist if you:

•Lack empathy for others;

•Feel attacked when others share a different opinion;

•Tend to blame others rather than take responsibility for your own actions;

•Act strategically in situations that require interpersonal skills;

•Feel justified bullying (personal attacks);

•Pit people against each other;

•Talk backwards — explain situations exactly the opposite from what occurred;

•Marginalize others by using labels like crazy, lazy, stupid;

•Rely on prejudices to bolster your case — often label groups of people in ways that provoke negativity — example: a faction bent on subterfuge;

•Rewrite history;

•Didn’t underline any of the above? Narcissists rarely self-reflect.

Self-help book: “Malignant Self Love.” You’ll love it because it’s about you!

Citizens: don’t follow narcissists who’ll lead Curry County to destruction because of extremism. If we can’t be a team, at least mimic being a team. Also, inquire as to what the Oregon Association of Counties can do to help. Don’t ignore resources just because some leaders do.

Skip Hunter


Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

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