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Some people, children and adults, can be so cruel -- some without realizing the impact their words will have.

I'm watching a video of auditions on the show "Britain's Got Talent." There's a 17 year old boy and his 16 year old female singing partner standing on the stage. The girl is doing all the talking, when Simon Cowell says to the boy: "you don't talk very much." And then they cut away to the back story.

The boy, who is obese, shares that when he was growing up, everybody ridiculed him for being [sign in to see URL] the point where he just crawled into a shell. It's obvious that he's suffered terribly from that experience. It's affected who he is and how he feels about himself.

That's the sad part. The beautiful part is hearing what the girl has to say. When I heard her words, it reminded me that there are a lot of good people in the world. Those are the people you want to seek out and befriend.

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