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Lessons of My Life

From Sam Vaknin's Instagram

What did Life teach me? I am 57 years old and have led the combined lives of 10 people. At least.

I have learned that Life doesn't always accommodate our plans and wishes - but it always turns out to be far better than our fears.

If you just let life happen, it takes care of you. We have only limited information - life has a lot more. Events that look like disasters are usually agents of positive change.

Trust life, do not fight it. Plan flexibly, execute wisely, retreat smartly, advance promptly, and invariably celebrate all these steps on the path that is your being.

Assume the worst, hope for the best, settle for the real. Even when you are stuck, you are carried forward at blinding speed. Love the innumerable gifts that you had been given.

Cliches are golden truths forged by experience: setbacks are opportunities, raw gold never glitters, the grass is green, and every cloud has silver. Tunnels always end in light.

Be positive but not gullible, assured but not grandiose, happy yet never euphoric. Some emotions are bad advisors, other indispensable counsellors: know which is which. And, yes, change what you can but only what you can. Do not aim for the stars, let them aim for you, who are of stardust.

Remember: this dream ends one day. The only things we take with us are sepia memories and they are the only thing we leave behind. Work on having a life worth remembering by both yourself and others.

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