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It’s quiet here
It’s as cold as death
It’s hidden inside myself
 I was forced here
Like a drone I did not fight
When it all happened
Then they left me here
After they tortured me
For their own personal gain
And nothing more
No excuse would be good enough anyways
I can’t even put myself back together
After they tore me apart
It’s like a void
That was ripped into me
It can’t be filled
By anything positive
Only the thoughts off revenge
And violence seem the fill it
Off course justice never gets for filled
And I am still here waiting
For that one day I win
And those who hurt me lose
They tell me this existence is not that bad
All of them say that with a smile
Like nothing is wrong with this world
Yet I feel something is not right
And they say I am selfish to cry
It was only a mistake they made
When they did not know
But none off them want to be here where I am
I see them going about their lives
Like they feel no guilt
It’s like the hand off god never struck them
Then I realize I am all alone
In this place that has no end
It’s just a vicious circle
Going back through time only to be stuck there
And to relive the events again and again
Having the same thoughts circle your mind
That your worthless and that there is no point
That everything is your fault
You have no rights
No one cares if your abused
Your selfish for going for help
Because some else had a bad life
And your terrible for living a good life
While others suffer
I Want to live without guilt
My old friends keep smiling like it’s okay
They calmly tell me
She can do what she wants
It’s her right
Even if it’s against yours
Why is this so
It’s because I deserve it
Abuse is not good enough punishment for me
So much to say
Yet Scared to fight back
While desperately wanting to escape
I wish I did not deserve this
I can’t take this
When will someone get that this is not right
What is this place anyways?
And why can’t I escape?
I want out…
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