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" You once made me feel alive...
Awakened a fire deep within me,
Now I am numb and drained beyond empty.
You built me up with your disguise of affection...
drawn in with your sweet words and your ruse of perfection.

" Arms that once reached for me now push me away...
Lips that once praised me now have nothing to say.
Eyes that burned bright for me are now bitter with hate...
I tread on thin ice ever fearing my fate.

" You put me on your pedastal only to kick it from under me...
and while I lay wounded, You show me no mercy.
Battered and bruised each time worse than before...
I once was your Angel now you've reduced me to your Whore.

Fingers that once gently brushed alongside my chin...
Now clench into fists ready to strike out again.
Hands once tender, now wrap round my neck so tight...
Squeezing so hard to snuff out my light.

I try to ignore you as you smile your cheshire grin...
But like a moth to a flame you always pull me back in.
I am nothing to you, just a pawn in your game...
to play with my fears and feed on my shame.
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