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The Narcissist In Your Relationship

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The narcissist in your relationship

Relationships take time, compromise, and a touch of humor. We all have an idea about ourselves and a healthy dose of selfishness. That’s okay sometimes and it is expected. You and your partner should spend time and effort on your individual selves; it makes for a balanced relationship. There will be times when one partner is dominant in center-stage because of work or personal achievements; it is the “me” time and you are happy for him or her. That usually balances out fairly equally in most relationships and you get to be in the limelight for your own accomplishments. Every dog has his day and every flower has her time in the sunshine.

A problem occurs, however, when one of the partners claims the spotlight consistently without regard to the other person in the relationship. This person may be a narcissist and is all about only what directly relates to his or her own life sometimes to the detriment of your life as a couple.

Kristen Houghton
Relationship Examiner
Mar/25/2009, 10:30 am Link to this post  

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