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In My World

In my world I held the universe.
It was a perfect love.
I stood upon my parapet
and flaunted my prize
high above uncertainty and fears;
eyes and ears
unable and unwilling,
(with the curse of it)
to see the needles in the silk.

In my world I shivered sometimes,
in the warmth.
I huddled close and looked away
when muddled moments
teased my sanity;
I questioned whether vanity
and hope could capture dreams
and keep them safe.
The moments grew bigger,
coming and going like
rats in the moonlight.
I denied them - banished them
to some dark corner.
They re-emerged,
relentless and ever hungry.
They fed from my goodness,
consumed my giving,
gnawed my judgement.
Devoured me.

In my world I slipped unnoticed;
to a mesh of trechory
so subtle it would smile as it
wiled away normality.
Words dripped like blood
from a knife;
ripping my spirit,
scarring my life.
I danced in tune
to a song I never knew.
It was he;
took my soul;
slowly stole the essence of me.
and without conscience.
Wide-eyed and hiding
beneath a rightiousness
that was devious and damning.

In my world there came a revelation.
My Epiphany.
An out-stretched hand,
clasping mine, shining a light
where he stood
exposed and naked
to my virgin sight.
I saw the snarl behind the smile,
the plotting behind the snarl,
the mask that withered
in my knowledge,
spluttered in my truth,
died in my light.

He will not reclaim me.
I remember – for my future.
I forget – for my past.
I live, I breathe, I feel,
I hope, I heal to love again
In My World.

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