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HealthyPlace Newsletter, April 7, 2009

HealthyPlace Narcissistic Personality Disorder Community

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Narcissistic PD and abuse by narcissists - FAQs, essays, links, and book excerpts.

Transcript of the CHAT regarding abusive narcissists HERE:

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Transcript of the CHAT about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder HERE:

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Transcript of the CHAT about narcissists in the workplace HERE:

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Radio Show regarding Relationships with Abusive Narcissists

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Here's what's happening on the HealthyPlace site this week:

A 'Dear Dad' Letter
We receive many letters each week from people who have faced all sorts of horrible abuse in their lives. Those who want their letters published are usually motivated by the thought of letting other abuse victims know they are not alone in their experiences and pain.

This week, we have a letter from author Roberta Hart. She writes it 13 years after her father's death and describes the torment of suffering from all types of abuse; from emotional to physical to sexual abuse. "I am sharing my life and the process that I have been through in the hopes that more can feel peace. When we carry pain and take inside of ourselves the torment of others, we die inside. I refuse to die, and if this is revenge, then revenge can heal. You decide. I find that revenge is a dish best served heaping and warm. Welcome to dinner." Her compelling story and accompanying letter are here.

Additional Information on All Abuse Issues
If you have been abused or if you support someone who has, you'll find comprehensive information on all types of abuse (plus videos) in the HealthyPlace Abuse Issues Community. That includes:

  a.. The signs and effects of child abuse
  b.. What to do if you suspect child abuse
  c.. What is sexual assault, rape and where to get help after being raped
  d.. Information on how to support someone who's been raped or sexually assaulted
  e.. Domestic violence and a domestic violence test to help determine if you are being abused
For Personal Stories of Abuse
...and what the authors of these sites have learned from their experiences, visit:

  a.. Break Free from Domestic Abuse
  b.. Escaping Hades: A Rape Survivors Site
  c.. Holli's Triumph Over Tragedy
And There's the After-Effects of Abuse
  a.. Dissociative Disorders
  b.. Self-Injury
"Pros and Cons of Medicating Your ADHD Child" On HealthyPlace TV
Our guest takes medication for ADHD, but decided against it for her child. Find out why. Share you opinion and get insight into effective ways to treat ADHD from our Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft.

This Tuesday night, April 7. The show starts at 5:30p PT, 7:30 CT, 8:30 ET and airs live on our website.

  a.. TV Show Blog with this week's show info
  b.. Dr. Harry Croft's blog post on "Treatment of Children with ADHD"
  c.. Signs, symptoms, causes and treatments of ADHD
  d.. For archived shows, click the "on-demand" button on the player.
In the second half of the show, you get to ask Dr. Harry Croft, your personal mental health questions.

Treating Bipolar Disorder
"Living with bipolar disorder can wear you down," writes Michael, a member of the HealthyPlace Support Network. Award-winning author and HealthyPlace Expert Bipolar Patient, Julie Fast, who wrote the Gold Standard for Treating Bipolar Disorder on [sign in to see URL] would agree with that. In one of the videos on bipolar disorder included in that section, Julie discusses the daily battle living with and trying to control her bipolar symptoms (it's the first video on the list).

Celebrate Love!
Bob G., a longtime HealthyPlace member, wrote me last week and said: "how about some lighter reading?"

Alright! Here's a fun site. Drop by Larry James' site - "Celebrate Love". Larry worked with Men Are From Mars author, Dr. John Gray, for many years. His welcome message on the homepage says "Great Relationships Begin Here." I like that.

And Larry has some great relationships advice articles like:

  a.. Be My Valentine All Year Long
  b.. Learning to Love the One You're With
  c.. and my personal favorite: The Secret to Solving ALL Your Problems!
You can also read Larry's Love Blog

Latest Mental Health News
These stories and more are featured on our mental health news page:

  a.. Study Hints at New Addiction Therapy
  b.. Acquiring the Good Traits of a Neat Freak
  c.. Marriage After the Miscarriage
  d.. Patients Hospitalized For Mental Illness In Ontario See Decrease In Signs Of Depression, Aggression
  e.. Folic Acid May Benefit Bipolar Disorder Patients
That's it for now. If you know of anyone who can benefit from this newsletter or the [sign in to see URL] site, I hope you'll pass this onto them. You can also share the newsletter on any social network (like facebook or digg) you belong to by clicking the links below.

Thank you,


Community Partner Team
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"When you're at [sign in to see URL], you're never alone."
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Encyclopedia of Narcissism and Psychopathy

Buy 16 books and video lectures on 3 DVDs about narcissists, psychopaths, and abusive relationships
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