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Tapestry of Roses

You drew a coloured canvas in my mind,
with painted petals scented full of hope.
A love I never dreamt was there to find
Became a wonderland kaleidoscope

I soared to places eagles dare not play,
Enraptured in a bright, elated land;
Sung harmonies, where passion-angels lay,
To tunes that dripped like liquid from your hand.

The tapestry you wove in silken dreams,
then slowly faded in the light of day,
As thread by thread you picked away the seams,
And stitched deceit into a web of grey.

In shifted shafts of light at last I saw
A man who was a stranger in my midst.
I gave to you my heart, my soul and more;
Your fantasies too tempting to resist.

At first you tainted me with stains of guilt
That languished deep within your tarnished core.
You kicked away the castle we had built
On sand and silt, too feeble to endure.

You sewed a needle-full of doubt,
With questions hanging limply in the air.
Your accusations wrought me inside-out;
left clinging to a dream that wasn’t there.

You crucified the spirit of the rose;
Tore trust away from disbelieving eyes.
Your tissue-paper promises of love
Were saturated secretly with lies.

Behind you left a haunting legacy;
Suspicion guards my never healing heart.
I cannot, to another, lend the key,
For now the lock is warped in every part.

My love was like the roses all around,
You crushed them in your hammer-hungry fist,
Then cast the scented petals to the ground
Where remnants of my love were laid to rest.

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