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A Resounding Echo

A room
yet sunny
filled with warmth
yet the walls hold so much feeling
of what has been
I hear them sometimes
when I sit
in solitary quiet
it plays
like an old tape
snippets of words spoken
a feeling felt
a voice
that is long since gone
I recall
in my quiet moments
of the playback
I reflect
how these mortar and bricks
hold so much more
than human life
it is a fragment in time
broken glass
and sometimes
a delicate
ornate tiny snowflake
I could hold in my palm
and watch it melt away
like the memory fading
to hear the words
ressounding in my ears
I no longer feel
a sense of dread
to be able to recall
I am merely facing my past
I let it run
but it soon leaves me
I sometimes just wish
for silence
Nov/23/2008, 3:13 pm Link to this post  

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