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Here all along

It feels familiar; the quiet, the cold

I look without vision, moving timidly forward

My light is dimmed, memories are darkened, aches with tangible pain

Still my beat continues, my only warmth is from my breath

Dedicated searching, longing with desire
I've rushed along paths that have created this journey

Removing this self blindness, slowly, internal light ignite to share!
I have come full circle to this destination

There IS warmth with comfort, in the quiet, I now hear
It is my own song, treasure of self love, rushes in peace with harmony

Internal for eternity, this journey is of my own time, I must go this alone
As I slowly find pleasure created by my soul

I find I am not alone, for I have been here all along

May/6/2009, 8:52 am Link to this post  

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