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A child's POV of exP

My son wrote this last year .... it's about the ex. Powerful stuff, he's a brilliant writer

Pillars of Perception Knelt to Truth

A pillar is crafted of metal, wood, stone

Time will always keep the destroyer's throne

Worn by the seas or scorched by hate

Rusted by breeze or fallen by fate

The pillars will fall, so fall they must

Whether they burn or succumb to rust

Means little in way of their fall to dust

A lesson must be learned - it must, it must

No pillar may stand, no untruth may stand

Time still bears his cruel iron hand

Cruel is it, to destroy these perceptions

To reveal a snake and its newfound reflections

This seems hardly a vice in my renewed eyes

His influence is no more, as are his lies

Free are we of this pillar's dark cast

Life may begin here at long last...

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