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Living with my N

Living with my N was like opening the front door of my house to robbers and allowing them to rob everything of value in my house including my self-esteem, dignity and self-respect

Living with my N was like standing alone in the middle of the forest and being chased by a ferocious looking animal hungry for my blood and flesh with me screeming at the top of my voice but nobody could come to my rescue or even hear my cry

Living with my N was like speeding down a busy highway in a ramshackled car which was in a very poor mechanical condition with me in the backseat not wearing a seatbelt and my driver totally drunk and high on drugs

Living with my N was like sitting at the bottom of a huge mountain covered with meters deep snow that is about to let downwards in an avalanche with me having totally nowhere to run and hide for safety

Living with my N was like walking in the dark after a blackout and stambling and feeling things while looking for a misplaced candle or matches to light up a dark room

Living Living Living Living Living Living Living Living Living Living Living Living
with my N was a total nightmare and an extremely horrible experience. Yes horrible
horrible hoooooorible.

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