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broken glass
shattered at my feet
sharp and lethal
these are my feelings
my thoughts
my head hurts more
my heart is on the floor
and tears run a salty stream
so fragile
I have been broken
for I myself,
and others
have not taken care to look
to look and regard the content
of my feeling
like a box with 'fragile'
plastered upon it
still discarded
I am unhuman
in their eyes
I must be strong
yet, can you not see?
the words are burned in me
they are written in my eyes
in my tears
I am human
there is a limit to me
a limit to what my mind
my heart can take
My scars can heal
my heart can heal
and I must have many quiet moments
and I must laugh
and I must feel SOMETHING other
than pain
I release myself.

Nov/28/2008, 1:33 pm Link to this post  
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Re: Fragile

I loved it cause I felt a conection with this poem. Due to exspereinces I have had. But the way it was written was great in it's own way. You have a real talent with words.
Feb/1/2009, 2:04 am Link to this post  

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