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posticon ~All That You Did~

How can u take your words,
And intentionaly throw them at me
at my heart, piercing it with sharp metal objects causing it to bleed
How could you try to deprive me of my art!
My blood I have wiped onto paper
How could I be your family?
"You Are So Beautiful"
How could you fool others and yourself
Into believing I am the destructive one?
How could you hate me for not wanting to be involved anymore?
It would be a different story if I really was those things
A whore never, a b****h maybe only sometimes because of these emotions you bring
But you say things with the intention for me to burn
And you dont care about anything but yourself
And the moment I'm ready to get out and away
You innocently apologize in an undercover way
So you would'nt feel guilty if I really left that day
And so I would remember my heart before you made it bleed
The unconditional love hiding under pain turned greed
The effort temporarily makes the bleeding stop
Until the next day or two at tops
Never getting the chance for the wound to heal
just a simple wrong touch blood again begins to spill

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”
Jun/30/2009, 4:19 am Link to this post  

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