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~A Sick Kinda Love~

Late in this dark hour
Weak under your dark power.
Stifled moans of pain and dread
Longing to be just dead...
Kiss me and say you love me
Hold me and make me feel happy,
And then you will take me to this room
Where I know awaits my doom,
Behind that brown wooden door
Lies all the times I've screamed "No more!"
Smile and tell me there is no other
Whisper you'll love me forever,
And then behind that darkened door
Call me your b****, your little whore.
Slap me, hurt me, until I bleed
While you say I'm all that you need.
I can leave if I want, you always say
But everytime I always stay.
Because I want your kisses full of "love"
And you whispers as light as a dove.

But within our home, behind that lone door
You beckon me forth, for some more.
I love it when you hold me protectively
I love it when you whisper sweet things to me,
Your deep blue eyes piercing my soul
You encourage my dreams and make me feel whole,
I lay here in numbed pain after what I just went through
And I am unsure of what I should do,
My whimpers are dying, my heart is calming
The pain still lingers but the tears are dissolving,
Just battered and still somewhat bleeding
And you come in and simply hold me,
Bring me in a peaceful embrace
As you wipe the blood off my face,
And I know I'll never leave, I'll let you do what you do
Because when you say, "I love you"
Somewhere deep down, I think it's true

N.O 2009 :flower:

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”
Jul/14/2009, 4:00 am Link to this post  

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