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I loved this guy. He could be amazing.
Yet problems he had drove me half crazy.

He shouted and swore. He was never to blame.
Time after time, it was my fault again

His verbal assaults left me battered and bruised,
I've tried so hard and now just feel used.

He ignores me til I go half to pieces,
He draws me in, then despises my weakness.

Now I can't get through. He puts up a wall.
How can this person not care for me more?

What did I do wrong? Why did he not care?
The frustration I feel is too much to bear.

I've eyes sore from crying and scars on my arm
From when my frustration took a physical form.

I start to despise the me I become -
Needy, frustrated, all dignity gone.

I’m kind, warm hearted, am liked, I am strong.
I have friends, I'm supportive...

So what have I done wrong?

"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."
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