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If my tears could speak,
They would leak for weeks,
All of my toxins, would come out of me,
But you wont notice because you are TOO important to see.
They would speak of all the pain,
The trouble that hovered over so many of my days ,months and unbearable scream
Would come from within.

If my tears could speak,
They'd speak of all the times,
They've been brought out because ALL I've ever been to you was a TOY,
The times when weaping was not for joy,
They would speak about how burnt sore there keeper IS and how cruel and all those evil ploys you did to produce them!

They would speak of the shedding on pillows at night,
They would speak of the labor it took to produce a SMILE when inside I could see NO LIGHT.
They would tell HOW I alone the keeper was how beaten down you made her feel
When at times, it became so hard to cry,

They would speak of how hard it was to let go,
To say good-bye,
They would speak of how it killed to not be able to stop,
To stop coming down like rain, water from a dripping drain,
And the embarassment they felt, when they knew you didn't care,
How they wish they could have been stronger,

as to not come out, at that moment, at that time,

If my tears could speak,
They would speak on my behalf,
For all the times you made me cry,

When you should have made me laugh!!

N.O :flower:

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”
Aug/10/2009, 3:35 pm Link to this post  

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