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Rescuing: Beauty & The Beast

Illustration: Golding, Harry, editor. Fairy Tales. Margaret Tarrant, illustrator. London: Ward, Lock & Co., 1915.


Fairy Tale Princes Turn Into Beasts


"A childhood spent believing beautiful princesses marry charming princes and live happily ever after could well end in a very unhappy adulthood, according to British research that has concluded that girls who over-identify with fairy tales are more likely to fall victim to abusive relationships."
~~Barbara Lewis, 2005


Excerpt from 'Beauty and The Beast'

"And when at last the time came for him to go, and he asked, as he had so often asked before, "Beauty, will you marry me?"

She answered softly, "Yes, dear Beast."

As she spoke a blaze of light sprang up before the windows of the palace; fireworks crackled and guns banged, and across the avenue of orange trees, in letters all made of fire-flies, was written: "Long live the Prince and his Bride."

Turning to ask the Beast what it could all mean, Beauty found that he had disappeared, and in his place stood her long-loved Prince. At the same moment the wheels of a chariot were heard upon the terrace, and two ladies entered the room. One of them Beauty recognized as the stately lady she had seen in her dreams; the other was also so grand and queenly that Beauty hardly knew which to greet first.

But the one she already knew said to her companion:

"Well, Queen, this is Beauty, who has had the courage to rescue your son from the terrible enchantment. They love one another, and only your consent to their marriage is wanting to make them perfectly happy."

"I consent with all my heart," cried the Queen. "How can I ever thank you enough, charming girl, for having restored my dear son to his natural form?"


 The Rescuer

by Lynn S.

I wrote an ode to my true love
The N who drove away.
You see, my love will save the guy
Some way, sometime, some day.

Although he left me high and dry
Without a backward glance,
I bear no grudge and have no fear
For I'm his true romance.
He simply doesn't see it yet
Behind his great big wall;
So I know that I'm right to try.
My love can conquer all.

Until that day, I am content
To simply let him know
That when he's ready, I'll be here
And I'm not hurt, oh no.

I will admit to little pangs
Of something here and there,
But I refuse to feel those stabs
Or wonder if he'd care.

It doesn't matter anyway,
For once he sees my light
I'll heal him of his fear for good
And we'll both be all right.

This wisdom I just had to share
With others left behind.
I showed some targets my Love Ode.
They told me I was blind.

It's sad that they cannot relate.
They're not evolved you see.
My pain has transformed into love
And they're just not like me.
They're bitter and they're full of fear
Completely in the muck.
Of course I'm far beyond all that....
Unless I see his truck.

I don't know why it makes me fret,
I thought I was much clearer.
But at those times I wonder if
He has a rear view mirror.

Yet I still know that underneath
A prince can be released.
So, don't tell me that I am blind
I just see past the beast.

The Moral of the Story:

You do not have the power to change
A thing you did not make.
He's what he seems, he's just a beast.
There isn't a mistake.

You can't release the Prince inside.
That chore is not your duty.
His beastliness is his to own.
Your only Beauty.

© 2006, 2007


Exploring the Dynamics Behind Being a Rescuer


"A rescuer is some who takes responsibility for fulfilling the needs of others in an attempt to feel valuable.
Whether conscious of it not, a rescuer believes that by taking care of others, their own needs will be met.

However, the irony is that instead, rescuers end up feeling more insecure, taken for granted, unappreciated, unfulfilled and ultimately worn out."

"The best way out is always through."--Robert Frost
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