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hidden in the house that rots

The house of rot lays between five disserted lots.

Outsiders unaware of the pain with in.

Hidden from sight within its internal decay.

Within these worn walls a mothers hatred awaits.

With mask removed eyes stitched shut hiding in shadows where she stands apart

she rises her brittle arms twisted and bent.

holding out her bloody hands showing what's in her grip.

Has she opens her grasp releasing a family of puppets are unveiled as they unraveling.

 they bouncing from there strings.

Yet one slams to the floor

She dangles the other aimlessly over the fallen.

as she whispers you little bastered you will never be free.

Announcing proudly that her play shale begin.

her wrist snaps breaks and twists

 husband puppet start assaulting burtly.
 when Her daughter appear out of the darkness dancing around laughing sinisterly

One taunting the other mocking unbearable

suddenly a twitch then shakes uncontrollable.

He climbs to his feet as final tear falls from his cheek.

 broken and battered Yet not ready to except defeat
He runs and he runs until they can no longer be seen
Jun/24/2014, 4:29 pm Link to this post  
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Re: hidden in the house that rots

Sounds like you've been surrounded by scorpions

You can't buy class
Jan/11/2015, 9:49 am Link to this post  

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