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Once there was a mother who ran into a burning building to save her children

The walls crumbled, the pipes ran molten

The exits were overrun by explosions of rage

The mother found openings where she alone might escape

She could go get help and come back for the children

She looked down at the two of them clinging to her waist, trembling, but not screaming or crying out as the flames licked at their toes and singed their hair

How could she possibly leave them?

Even if she could return with help?

So she stayed

She taught them to be sixty percent water

To be as strong as forged steel

As graceful as blown glass

She taught them how to let go of every part of them that burned away; to close their eyes and make a wish and gently blow the ashes away like dandelion seeds

And all the tiny parachuted spores

Floated away into the atmosphere

And rained quiet blessings on the earth

Until Hell was emptied of the sacred souls it had tried so hard to consume

For the mother knew that the vacuum of their absence

Was the antidote to the poisonous fire.

"The arc of the Moral Universe Is long, but It bends toward Justice" -MLK Jr.
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Re: Fire

very powerful and rich in imagery. Thanks for sharing that.
Mar/24/2016, 3:55 am Link to this post  

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