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wake up

Wake up.

I have so many ideas that the world claims to support. They are ideas that the world claims to understand. But yet people seem to only understand my ideas well enough to twist them. We see on television and in books the underdog rising the main character achieving his or her dreams. Is this wrong?, of course not. So then when someone who is working to achieve their dreams is able to achieve them or come close to them. It is sad that someone else will seek to destroy everything that person has made and even worse than that is when they succeed in destroying their victim. And yet even more evil and malevelont is when The person who seeks to destroy finds allies in the people around him. He will be able to stand because others have chosen to hold him up. His evil ways prosper him because the world supports him. But yet how can this be true? People would ask they would say how can this be real. Because the wicked person who seeks to destroy views himself as a saint as someone to be revered as the hero in his own story and because he is taken by this notion he assumes control of all other aspects of his life through deception he is able to convince good people to believe his delusions are real. He is able to take the view of himself he holds so dear and make it visible to others in such a powerful way that it seems believable. He is able to look at his victim and say, this person is worthless. He is able to torment his victim by twisting everything that his victim has to say, He does by judging his victims anger to be wrath and his goals to be selfish. The victim cannot escape the torment because the wicked man twists his words against him. The victim will try to stand up for himself but in doing so he can only harm himself more because the wicked man is one step ahead of him convincing others around him by telling lies such as.” this person is only angry because he can’t have what he wants and because he’s jealous. He will lie to try and convince you of everything he will try to bully me because he is distasteful and wicked he will try to gossip about me and he will try to discredit me and tell others I’m a liar because he is so envious of me”. So then the victim seeks to tell others of what is happening to him only to be accused of gossip. The victim tries to point out the errors in what the wicked man says he tries to convince others of the obvious. Yet the deceived followers of the wicked man are convinced that the victim only sees half the situation because the wicked man has added soo many lies to the situation that the victim will now seem ignorant and foolish for not understanding. The wicked will accuse the victim of pretending to know too much of thinking to highly of himself by saying “look at him he thinks he knows what’s going on in other people’s how could he it is because he is arrogant that he thinks that”. The truth is that victim sees the abuse of the wicked man and also notices that the wicked man is praised as being good and righteous and just. And that is how the victim is able to discern that the man is wicked it really is that simple. Yet even then the victim will work as hard as he can to assure and provide evidence to the deceived about what is happening he will do his best to explain it others. And when he fails others will continue to condemn him by saying “look at you you’re trying to harm another person how dare you”. And even when the victim succeeds he is only looked down on he is then viewed as pathetic for being upset his problems are seen as small because the deceived have allowed their minds to become so warped that everything must pass through the filter in their mind that the narcissist gave them saying.” this person may be right about what he says but he is wrong in all other regards and does not understand the wicked the way I do this persons problems aren’t that important he shouldn’t be so upset he is making a mountain out of anthill he is only upset because he didn’t get his way He isn’t perfect at all he’s lied before he’s cheated before and now he’s trying to condemn someone else for just being imperfect he’s the one with the problem”. When the deceived say this they are right partly because the victim isn’t perfect the victim has lied before he has done wrong things before but he doesn’t exploit others or worship his wicked nature like the wicked man does. Yet even when the victim admits he struggles with his sins. He cannot convince the deceived of this because the victim has been layed out on a table and dissected to find any impurity he might have because people do this to him they find more wrong with him than there actually is. So then the victim might try to stand against his abuser but if he succeeds he will fail due to the fact that others will only see his actions as bullying. And if he fails then the wicked man will be praised because people will believe that he stood up for himself against someone who was an aggressor. So then every act of defiance the victim takes is met with only more abuse with only more heartache. So the victim becomes upset knowing that the people around him have betrayed him knowing he could have been friends with those people but instead of being able to form relationships he has to believe that they are foolish. They treat him poorly because they are deceived so then the victim is unable to create real a real friendship with them. The victim sees the wall in between himself and the decieved. Yet the deceived don’t break it down. The victim has to believe that the deceived are mean to him and are just as bad as the wicked man himself. So the victim now sees that these people are not going to be convinced of what he says. So then he is upset knowing that a lie has taken place. Knowing that he will never be able to undo it knowing that an opportunity has been completely taken from him and knowing that whatever he had been working for was now gone. So then he sees the total perversion of good and just things. Knowing now that the wicked have an easy time in this world and knowing that people will admire them. So then all the beautiful things he once knew become a lie because how can anything be beautiful when he knows that wicked men can easily take it away knowing that he can easily pervert it. And yet still people tell him to just let it go to just be over it when he knows that the wicked will not face justice only more splendor only more success knowing that it will happen again and again throughout society. People act as if him being treated so poorly to the point of insanity shouldn’t matter and that the fact that he was so devalued his thoughts and opinions were viewed less than that of a dog shouldn’t hurt him. Like those things somehow shouldn’t affect him. As if those problems mean nothing. As if being controlled and having no ability to change the situation at all and knowing that no matter what he did. He was always helpless and victimized even more shouldn’t break his heart or kill his self esteem. And even worse the thought of knowing that even if he does find new friendships. He discovers that the lies told from the abuser will still follow him If they can that even new friends can be infected with the very same lies. And even worse sometimes the wicked will attempt to keep track of his past victims and go out of his way to make sure that they stay in Bondage. So then the victim might become completely reclusive believing that people are like this as the hope in his heart for love and happiness wither away. He might become so wicked himself he might do as he pleases. He might not ad hear to the rules of society and in the worst of circumstances he might become like the very person who made him feel that way in the first place. Or the victim can hold on despite all odds and try desperately to believe that there is good and that, that good is still worth fighting for. But nonetheless he is still helpless and will never quit being victimized by his past and he may struggle with hatred. Trying as hard as he can not to let it take him over. Trying as hard as he can not to fall into evil. Trying as hard as he can to keep love alive in his heart. But yet he will continue to be victimized by his past because no one can see behind his blue eyes.
To those of you reading this I understand it’s not well written but I hope that doesn’t matter because I just want to get the message across and also I thank you greatly for reading it. If this is happening around please pay attention because the people going through this are suffering greatly. Please understand that I know I can’t tell you what to do but I’m hoping that you will notice these victims and do your best to help them. I’m hoping that people will finally wake up. And if you do really think this essay is helpful and insightful feel free to share it with whomever you please I don’t care where you post or who you give it to. I don’t even care if you give me credit for it all I ask is that you don’t take for it yourself because that would be wrong.
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