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a glance

i knew you were trouble
when i walked outside that day
you were chatting with another lady
someone that was kind of shady

you were glancing sideways at me
wondering who this girl was
you were appraising your new prey
you'd thought you could make my day

i saw the gleam in your eye
as you turned toward me
you asked me who i was
and what i was about

you thought you could figure me out
and you clawed your way in
you knew that i wanted you
and that was my greatest sin

you came upon the darkness
and dwealt upon my mind
you held the moon, the stars
you knew that you could break my heart

i fought you on your way in
and you fought on your way out
i raked my nails down your back
thinking that there's no way out

i took the pleasure and the pain
and when you left you left a stain
there's no more memories
there's nothing left, nothing to gain

I said that i wanted all of you
and that you did give me
i should have been careful
as to what i asked of you

because you were brutal
and i loved you for it
you ripped my heart out
and left me there bleeding

and you left, you were gone
you left me so inherently alone
without a single glance back
to see where you had been

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