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The sea

 emoticon The winds of loneliness tear through like a storm, chilling the heart once thought to be warm.
Happiness and joy, so real inside
ripped away by the storm, washed out with the tide
Drowning in a sea of depression, can anyone see my hand?
Reaching out so desperately in hopes of reaching land.
My friends always there to pull me ashore,
I swam out too far I can't see them anymore.
I grope in the darkness, looking for light
Endlessly sinking so hopeless my fight.
My body feels weak as I float in my sorrow
pain soakes my soul with the waves of tomorrow.
A final kick, I feel myself falling
I hear a voice, is that my life calling?
One last breath with the thought of the sand
My fist emerges and someone grabs my hand.

You can't buy class
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