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Lil' Never Sail

A baby born in 69
the big black bruise will fade in time

Do you love me?
I am here
I'd love you back
If you'd come near

You stay away
but i am close
I drift through shadows
like a ghost

I've made you angry
unbeknownst to me
The love i craved
would never be

Where were you
in the night?
Times when i was
filled with fright?

No soft voice
or gentle touch
Stung by fear
my heart, you clutch

With every breath
i feel you coil
A sneaky plan
is to unfoil

The pass of time
i'm unaware
As i behold
your hateful stare

Concern you show
so no one see's
The love you hide
away from me

Cleverly cloaked
she lies in wait
Trolling her smiles
they take the bait

She works her case
the long term goal
to crush my spirit
and sell my soul

But to the world
not yet a stain
It is i
that brings the pain

Catching family
in her web of lies
She covers her smile
as she cries

You killed my mother
and stole my dad
You trampled every dream i had

Despite your efforts
still you failed
It looks like lil "never" sailed

You gave birth to me
i don't know why
You left me at the door to cry

A little girl
all alone
Waits in the dark
there's no one home

A watchful eye
the lord has been
To save me now
and save me then

You can't buy class
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