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The journey

Drifting downwards, I look up
i see the rays of sun
Further down the light is dim
but warmth has just begun

On a journey to the depths
of "me"i didn't know
Inside of us lies bigger things
the things we didn't know

And to the surface god will bring
the good, the bad, the forgotten thing
To cleanse the soul from things of old
till i am as the purest gold

Countless like the sand
so our thoughts seem to be
His love is like a wave
that washes over me

The moon and the stars
which we think so are ours
We should know that they are not

He commands the sun
to rise and set
And cradles the moon
in it's celestial net

Lighting the day
he blankets the night
And covers the morning
in dawns early light

He dresses the pine in the wintertime
and watches the buds in the spring
Life does gather bold and true
with every season it brings

A drop in the ocean
sometimes so it seems
Yet still a small part
in a big sea of dreams

You can't buy class
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