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Motivational speakers

Years ago, I had a lemon of a car. A constant headache. I went into a local car dealer to see what I could do about it, but I hadn't purchased the car there. The salesman could see what a bind I was in, and he wasn't in a position to resolve the situation with the car.
Out of the blue, he says, why don't you try calling this number every morning.
It was a motivational hotline. It was really for sports motivation, but I realized the lessons in the hotline, applied to everyday situations in life many times.
I later realized, after listening for a few days, he was showing me I could resolve the situation myself if I tried.
I later sold the car at a fair value, to someone who had a few of the exact same cars, and knew how to repair them. I used the proceeds to buy a brand new car, for just a little more, that was perfect.
Anyway, the hotline is DR. ROB GILBERT'S
SUCCESS HOTLINE 973-743-4690.
He also has a Twitter link if you just want to see some of his short motivational tweets.
So what does a motivational hotline have to do with NAR?
I see many posts here, where people are unsure that they can overcome the abuse, or get angry when they faltered on their plans.
Life is not perfect. You will see that these types of motivational speakers, will keep you moving forward, even if you take a step back now and then.
Good luck to all, the strength is in you.
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