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Examples of Emotional Abuse

Examples of Emotional Abuse include:

Teasing: Playfully making fun of someone, yet being hateful and malicious in a covert way while doing so. Then saying, "Just kidding". And if you are hurt by it, denying that there was any ill will meant by it. Often the victim will be told, "You are too sensitive, I was just kidding. Can't you take a joke?".
Fault finding no matter what you do. "This cake is good, but my Mother's was always the best". "Oh, the house looks good but...." "I see you worked hard on that but" "You always do it wrong".
Emotional distancing and holding out. If you try to be affectionate with the abuser, he rejects you. If you are upset, he gives you the silent treatment. If you need him to be there, he has something more important to do. (Or it could be she..)
Name calling, labeling in a negative way. Or giving you a derogatory nickname that describes you in a negative way, as in "pudge.
Scape-goating and blame shifting. You caused the abuser to treat you that way. He hit you because you "asked for it".
Projection- telling the victim she is in fact doing what the abuser is in reality doing, when she isn't. "You are cheating on me".
Angry verbal attacks, yelling, screaming, raging

Intimidation by verbal means or force. Implying that damage will be done in some way if the victim does not comply with the agenda of the abuser. "I will destroy you if you divorce me"
Gaslighting or re-writing history. Making the victim feel they are crazy. "We never saw that movie". "I never said that".
Selective memory and using half truths and lies to make the victim be the one who is wrong.
Criticizing and correcting. The victim can't say or do anything right. Countering what the victim is saying, "The sky is blue", "No, it isn't really blue, I would say it has more gray in it"
Forcing a discussion to go off track. Changing the subject when the victim is trying to say something.
Denial of actions. "No, I WASN"T flirting with her, I was just being friendly, what's wrong with you? You are so jealous".

-Had Enough9
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