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Are you walking on eggshells with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
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Did I Cause It?


One of the mistaken beliefs we have when we are involved with a narcissist is that we think that if we can figure out what we did to cause the narcissist to flip on us, we can fix it.

We first protest that we did nothing wrong. Then we are told that we did EVERYTHING wrong. The malicious behavior by the N is accredited to us and our actions.

Wrong! We did nothing wrong. We were human.

And because the N's believe the lies they spew, then the narcissistic abusers feel entitled to treat us badly. To punish us. For having thoughts and emotions of our own. We can only exist in their world as objects who serve them.

And there is also the fact that the abuser wants to get us back in line- placating them, and pandering to their whims- instead of complaining about their bad behavior.

So they train us. They train us to walk on eggshells trying to prevent another "punishment" for an imagined infraction.

Why do the narcissists and psychopaths do this? Is it something we did?


They do it because their personalities are disordered. They are not normal. And this is the reality of a narcissist or psychopath. They are "hard wired" to do this. They cannot help it. It is how they are. Yes, they are aware of what they are doing, but they think it is fun. It makes them feel good. And they think they are entitled to do it because they are superior to us, and we are stupid and need to be trained to serve them.

If a N or a P has an impulse, they feel entitled to do it. If they have a thought, it is to them, always correct.

They are nasty people underneath the artificial mask they used to attract and addict us to them. We were conned by it. We didn't cause it. We were well fooled by experts.

And this is how they are. They idealize. They demean. And abuse. This pattern lasts for all of their lives. It is not fixable.

Had Enough9
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