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[marketingminute] Tolerate Boredom

Low boredom theshhold and low boredom tolerance are hallmarks of psychopathy
(Antisocial Personality Disorder):

The Marketing Minute

from Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor


Cal Newport, author of "Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success
in a Distracted World," argues that people who always fiddle
with their smartphone rather than spend an idle moment run
the risk of losing their ability to concentrate. In contrast, he
says, those who can focus deeply and stick with what they're
doing can also abide boredom.

"People who take deep work seriously also take boredom
seriously," he explains. "They're able to take long walks.
They'll go places without their phone. They'll even stand
in a checkout line and just stand in the line. This is like
cognitive calisthenics when it comes to your ability to

When I was a teenager, my father once retorted to me during
an argument, "I've never been bored in my life." I think he
meant that he had enough inner resources to maintain his
equilibrium regardless of what was going on - or not -
around him, and that I should, too.

It's Newport's point, from a different angle. By not being
frantically occupied every single moment, by not blaming
your circumstances for feeling empty, you increase your
ability to do something that matters.


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