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ARTICLE Narcissistic Mortification, Shame, and Fear (SunText Review of Neuroscience and Psychology)

Narcissistic Mortification, Shame, and Fear
Sam Vaknin

Published on: 2020-08-13

All mental health issues arise from confusing external and internal objects (examples: that psychosis, narcissism). I suggest that there is a single clinical entity Personality Disorder with overlays (narcissistic, antisocial, borderline, histrionic).

Narcissistic mortification; Personality disorder; Mental health
Each overlay has 3 states: overt, collapsed, covert.

Transition between the states and the overlays is a reaction to gaps (reality intrusion or failure) and narcissistic mortification.

Covert states aspire to become overt.

Covert states are not self-efficacious. They fail to secure:

Narcissistic Supply (NPD)
Goals (AsPD)
Sex Partners (HPD)
Relationships/intimacy (BPD)
Transition from overt to covert and back via collapse and mortification.


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