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The Narcissist's Credo

The Narcissist's Credo

I am a child tyrant emperor: infantile, petulant, moody, divine, and delusional.

I am a Wunderkind: a boastful genius.

I want just to play. Nothing else. To have fun. That's all (shared fantasy). I renounce reality and truth.

My game is: you are my vastly inferior slaves and disciples.

You must accept me as I am. You are expected to fully forgive and love me unconditionally, regardless of my conduct or misconduct, even when I inevitably hurt you badly time and again.

I am immutable, opinionated, obstinate, grandiose, labile, dysregulated, and depressive. You should not try to change or fix me or to bargain with me: you are not my equals.

You can play only with me, unless I let you play with others (when you are no longer my playmates, just my servants).

I am entitled to take anything I want from you. I can do to you and with you anything I wish. You have no right to protest, decline, or resist my demands. You are my property, my chattel to dispose of and do with as I please.

You must obey my wishes unthinkingly and promptly, never disagree with me, and even please me with your agony.

You have no right to expect or demand anything from me. If I give you anything, it is because I choose to. I give only what I decide to give, usually only as little of my time, attention, knowledge, and money as absolutely necessary to keep you hooked and around as my playmates.

Only I decide which game we play, based on how capriciously bored or thrilled I am at any given period.

If you are not fit to play my game, I lose all interest in you.

If you refuse to play my game exactly how and when I want it, or if you make any demands whatsoever, I walk away and look for a new playmate.

Simple, really. And it works! I have had no reason to regret any of it over the decades of my life. Compared to the overwhelming vast majority of humanity, I am in a good place and have spent the time allotted to me on this Earth precisely as I had wanted to: my way.

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