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At The End of The Sky: Poem & Message


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"I never thought I would be able to crawl out of the darkness I found myself cast into. But I found a beacon of light and truth through the MSN board and this one as well. Your posts have always been a source of inspiration, enlightenment and hope. A heartfelt thank you not only for your words of wisdom, but your dedication to those of us who wandered in here heartbroken and lost."


 At The End of the Sky
by Lynn S.

When your fairy tale has fractured and the prince becomes a frog...
When the life you'd manufactured disappears into the fog...
You'll search for reassurance that some hope is still alive,
While rehashing each occurrence, wondering how you will survive.

First you turn to education to explain the narcissist.
There's a font of information which can guide you through the mist.
You'll also feel a yearning for your heart to understand
How to find the path to turning out of Narcissism-Land.

The soul needs love and laughter for your healing to take hold.
That happily ever after still lies waiting to unfold.
Your journey goes in stages and the road will turn and bend.
And although it seems like ages, to the pain there is an end.

Old fairy tales are pleasant with fine lessons, great and small.
If we see them in a new light they still teach us, one and all.
The prince did not define you. He's just 'once upon a time'.
You can choose now what will come true. Look up to the sky... and climb.

© 2007

A Note from Lynn

I survived a relationship with a Narcissist. The devastation it wrought was life-altering. The confusion that arose from the experience brought me to the internet and support forums.

In my recovery, I have met many fellow survivors over a five-year period on message boards with many different yet similar experiences to my own. I have gone through the 'N-education' and cannot adequately express my thanks to all those who contributed to my learning about Narcissism along the way.

While there is tremendous value in understanding the psychology of the person who exhibits a Destructive Narcissistic Pattern, I have also discovered the value and power of story, myth, and symbol in finding my own voice again. The going gets heavy sometimes when reconstructing a relationship-gone-wrong with a narcissist from a psychological perspective. I have seen over and over on the forums the power of simple poems, quotations, music, and story as tools which help us connect to others. This kind of connection and validation is visceral to me and goes beyond an intellectual process to a recognition of the truth by the heart.

This section of the forum, At The End of The Sky, is based on lessons from fairy tales and includes a collection of the work I have done in that vein over the years with some new additions. I have written poems and essays about my own experience throughout my time on the forums and I have also authored work for and based on the experiences of other survivors which I have witnessed. It seems that targets and survivors of a relationship with a Narcissist, be they partners, relatives, friends or coworkers, relate to each other and understand the bewilderment the relationship has caused in a way that nobody else can.

I posted my first poem about recovery on the MSN NPD forum back in the summer of 2003, and titled it "The WoNderful Wizard". You will find it in this section and notice that the first line begins with "At the end of the sky....". On some level, while I didn't realize it then, I was searching for an ending and a beginning, closure and a rebirth, all at the same time when I wrote those words; therefore, it seemed a fitting title for this collection.

To all who read these words, take comfort and take heart. There is an end to the pain. There is also a limitless sky of hope.

The graphic above can be found at

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